Tuesday, June 06, 2006


thank god I was born a homosexual
thank god I don't have a wife
thank god I don't have any children
thank god I have the ability to entertain myself
thank god I can be alone
thank god I control what happens to me
thank god I have a rich inner life
thank god I have the gift of creativity
thank god I don't care what other people think
thank god I am learning to accept the price I have to pay for my way of life and welcome it
thank god my highest moments have been spent alone in nature
thank god I never stop searching for people to enrich my life
thank god I continue to strive to enrich the lives of others if they let me
thank god my work lifts me up in a way no one can ever understand
thank god I don't have preconcieved ideas about anything including god
thank god I can separate the bodies from the souls
thank god the bodies are there for sex and the souls for peace
thank god I can love the world but not mind if and when they destroy it, because I know it will grow back
thank god for earplugs
thank god I know what is in my control and what is not
thank god human life is finite
thank god trees live longer than we do, if they don't kill them first
thank god animals are forgiving
thank god I know how lucky I am to call earth home
thank god I know how to avoid boredom
thank god I love solitude
thank god I have met all the people I have met so far, and know more about who to avoid and who to get closer to, the former is a much larger group
thank god I am not a real estate agent
thank god I know that the only good in the corporate world is when they support artists (nothing else)
thank god I have money
thank god I have the ability still to generate more money
thank god I recognize the advantages of sleeping alone
thank god I feel gratitude for my body and try not to take it for granted
thank god we all will eventually be released from the body
thank god words are only ..........words


Blogger farmboyz said...

"thank god I am not a real estate agent" is one of the funniest lines of 2006, on so many levels.

PS: we are hardly, as you speculated, "jet-sety", but work rather long hours during the week, at rather mainstream jobs. It makes us play harder during the down hours.

3:52 AM  

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