Thursday, December 29, 2005

A sighting of ? at the beach after midnight......................
One night I went to the beach after midnight and parked my car, I walked along the dunes, their were many other guys, it was a moonless night so it was pitch dark. Everybody was just walking around and cruising as usual on a saturday night. The evening was calm and peaceful and as the night wore on it started to thin out of people until there was maybe 10-15 cars in the parking lot. At around 3am or so I was leaning aganst my car looking out to sea when I saw a bank of 4 large extremely bright lights (like headlights of a car) hovering over the ocean about 5 miles from shore. They moved up and down and side to side in formation as if they were connected by a structure which I could not see because of the profound dark. I asked the guy near me if he was seeing this also, he said yes. It seemed that everyone who was in that parking lot was seeing it and most of them began to get in their cars and drive away. There was something about those lights and how close they were to the top surface of the ocean and how they moved that told everyone there including myself that they could not be simply understood as a fishing or some other kind of late night operation. Myself and a few others watched it until it disapeared not very long after it started and then we all drove away. This was the summer of 1996.


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