Friday, November 18, 2005

OTHER WORLDS...... looking over random blogs and understanding what blogs actually are (windows into the lives of random people) it is like looking at the contents of ones head, can be underwhelming. All of the obsession with politics and the preoccupation with the mundane day to day life of human beings shows the true character of so many millions of people on this planet. Where are the higher thinkers? Does one have to search and search......and search for the profound, or is it secretly encoded in the small, humble desires and dreams of those we find out there, symbolized by their simple expressions? Is it like the shakers? Or could it be that the big thinkers, I mean the really life altering contributions, are so busy researching and writing books that their unlikly to be found in a blog? Maybe not. One thing that I have done in my life that has always served me is a kind of test of true perception. Whenever I am faced with a problem, or a negative thought or indeed even a happiness of some kind, some kind of human position to come to terms with and or to ponder, I always imagine that I am on another world looking outward. Not human, but looking at that human condition, good or bad from a FAR AWAY vantage point. This is extremely useful, because it puts everything in perspective. It shows me once again what I have learned over and over that when you are too close to a situation, with all the usual emotional baggage and all the nonsense that can be present, you can't really see it as it really is. Only with the distance which is and can only be imagined can you see anew, the truth is made manifest. The truth being that human beings cannot get out of their own way, from kings to common people we are all the same. When I look out at the earth from other worlds I can see the meaninglessness but also the meaningfull in this life. I can see how small we are and how unimportant as well within the vastness of the universe we know, not to mention what we don't as yet know.


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