Tuesday, January 17, 2006


After having avoided this movie for a month or so for 1-another love story that manipulates your emotions 2-hollywood stars, hollywood movie 3-politically correct theme of gay love (what more is their to know) 4-gay love story for straight consumption 5-put that money toward more important things 6-I don't really go to the movies anymore.
I was wrong, after reading an intelligent review on the internet somewhere, I saw it. I felt it, not so much because it is a gay love story (although it did'nt hurt that those two actors are very appealling) of course they were'nt going to use unattractive unknowns (which is what the world is generally made up of, and thats good). But because the theme of purity and finding transcendence in the wilds of nature hooked right in to what I live by. This powerful message, not new, and no less stated here then in say March of the Penquins (another big hit movie) hits like an arrow to the heart. There seems to be something going on here in the culture. With the devastation of what humanity is bringing to this magnificent planet(no need to elaborate here) people are turning back to the ancient feelings of those that lived long ago. That nature (which we are a part) is the God we so look up too. Nature is the gift, the place where people can discover who they really are, away from the foolish judgement of other people. It's a place full of mystery, where people can realize that there are forces at work more powerful then anything we could ever even understand or concieve. And it is here, in the mountains, oceans, seas and rivers, valleys and lakes and forests, where technology while helpful for us to understand our world could hardly match the majesty of nature and its huge forces. Native peoples and the ancients knew this, writers and artists know this - there is no greater truth. And it is in this environment, a character along with Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist two small insignificant people, that the truth of who they are appears away from the unimportant. There is a God, and it works in strange ways.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

AUTEC-Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center
Going down to visit Andros Island area, I'll charter a boat and take it out from the south florida coast. Will stop in what is known as The Tongue of the Ocean, The ocean depth here is over 3000 ft. it is an underwater canyon. The diving in this area is pretty interesting, there are a great number of ancient ruins in shallow areas around Bimini. The whole area is thought by some to contain the sunken island continent of Atlanis. Satellite photos show many foundation-like structures of unknown origin. It is also thought that an underwater pyramid exists here in over a thousand ft. of water, and the pyramid itself is over 750 ft from its base.
The fact that all of this is located right in the middle of what is known as the Bermuda Triangle, and that all this may be related to 1-methene gas bubbling up from the ocean floor 2-The loss of magnetizism from the earths magnetic field 3-electronic fog that is known to occur only here etc only makes it more inviting.